Quality Comes First ...Because I love what I do!

Hi! I'm Pam, the laughing face behind the camera. Photography has been my creative outlet since I was a young teen -- now I'm a Mom of two littles, and I have the confidence and experience with professionally photographing Newborns, Babies, Families, and Weddings for over 7 years.

I was born & raised in the beautiful Muskoka, and Educated at Nipissing University (I'm a qualified teacher!); I married for love and moved to the picturesque and tranquil St. Joseph Island, where I live with my hubby and two rambunctious tots. I'm a sucker for a gooooood Black & White capture, and a good cup of coffee. I always get a little choked up at weddings (even the ones I capture!), and I sincerely enjoy hearing the love stories of couples who've been married for decades. I have been known to resort to referencing ‘Austin Powers’ lines, singing a song, or making funny faces and fart noises to get a smile... and occasionally trekking through cold river water to get the perfect capture. I've been told I'm 90% Photographer and 10% therapist/encourager and baby/child/frazzled bride whisperer.

My favourite things: Milk drink newborn smiles and squishy newborn cheeks. Golden light. PSLs and London Fogs. Thunderstorms. Fluffy snowflakes. Fall walks. Snuggling with my kids with a book. Kitchen dance parties with my kids. Bear hugs from my hubby. Happy birds singing. Tree frogs. Campfires. Chocolate. Good wine. Annnnd naps.